Gram Commercial’s Purchasing department covers the purchasing for the running production, as well as project purchasing, where we work proactively with the new development projects and any other kind of project at Gram Commercial.
Furthermore, we support any larger indirect purchases, where our purchasing expertise can create value.

Sourcing mission

To develop a strong trust based relationship with our preferred suppliers, which can support Gram Commercial in connection with the development of quality products in the most cost-effective way, while contributing in order for GC to introduce new products timely in relation to market expectations.

Quality is of essence for new projects therefore we only involve preferred, approved and audited suppliers.

We expect our suppliers to:

  • Comply to ISO 9001 and preferably ISO 140001
  • Comply to the RoHS-directive, and the REACH regulation
  • Respect and support the UN Global Compact.
  • Move towards a zero defect mind-set and systematic failure detection
  • Innovative products and production
  • Strong logistic solutions
  • High-quality products
  • Competitive pricing practices


From our foreign suppliers, all formal notices must be in English; this rule applies to all documents sent by the supplier.
All suppliers must proactively, directly and effectively, involve Gram Commercial’s purchasing organization in any notice of any matter relating to Gram Commercial.

Our purchasing organisation




Birgit Elvardt Bader

Strategic Purchasing Manager

Vojens, Denmark

Christian Larsen

Strategic Purchaser

Poznan, Polen

Xilin Luo

Strategic Project Purchaser

Vojens, Denmark

Majbritt Lage

Purchasing assistant

Vojens, Denmark

Rikke Kihm Kragelund

Purchasing Trainee

Vojens, Denmark