About Gram Commercial

Gram Commercial products are produced (and developed) at our factory in Vojens in Southern Jutland. It's here the company was founded in 1901 when industrialist Hans Gram built a 100m2 machine shop from where he offered machine service and sales of components for the dairy industry.

Picture of factory taken from plane

About 30,000 products annually

The factory employs approx. 200 people responsible for producing the more than 30,000 Gram products built annually at the factory.

Investing in the future

As one of the few remaining manufacturers of commercial refrigerators and freezers in Denmark, Gram Commercial has gone against the tide. The decision has, however, given us valuable opportunities and advantages, such as market closeness, high delivery performance and the ability to monitor quality all the way to completion. And it allows us to transform refrigeration know-how and engineering skills into new high-quality products "directly".

Innovation shown through a picture of a petri-dish
Innovation is our livelihood


Gram Commercial is 100% owned by Hoshizaki Electric Group Ltd. with HQ in Nagoya, Japan, established in 1947. Hoshizaki takes a globally leading position within quality equipment for the food service industry. Hoshizaki Group have production in the Americas (USA, Mexico and Brazil), Europe (England and Denmark) as well as in Asia (Japan, China and India).