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  • ECO FRIENDLY – and the idea behind it


    With the ECO FRIENDLY logo, we want to emphasise the environmental benefits of Gram products.

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  • Energy efficiency

    Energy efficiency and positive environmental properties are two of our core values

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  • By Anders Sjøgaard, Sales and Marketing Director at Gram Commercial A/S

    Energy waste in commercial kitchens

    Buyers hold the key to stopping energy waste in commercial kitchens in Denmark (discussion paper)

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Operation diagram showing the activity of the refrigeration system

Operation diagram showing the activity of the refrigeration system

Surplus refrigeration capacity?

A refrigerator or freezer, or refrigerated counter for that matter, in a professional kitchen should rightly be expected to cope with the demands of a busy kitchen, often with high ambient temperature and many door openings.

This is not simply a question of equipping the cabinet with a large compressor, as many people claim. It is far more important that the product's refrigeration system is fundamentally balanced and dimensioned for the task.

A refrigeration system with well balanced capacity will not only maintain a correct and stable temperature. It will also result in much lower energy consumption. This can be seen in a kind of "operation diagram" showing the activity of the refrigeration system of a conventional refrigerator with oversized compressor and a low-energy cabinet. Note the differences in the output curves.

The "red" cabinet has higher and more frequent peaks (= compressor operation) and higher base level, while the "green" cabinet has relatively few peaks and a low base level. Overall, the load on the green cabinet is much lower than that on the red – and the green cabinet therefore has much lower energy consumption, lower heat emission to its surroundings and longer service life. The green cabinet is therefore the sure winner for professional kitchens.

  • FAQ about energy efficiency and cost effectiveness

    Three comments we often hear and the response we give to them.

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  • Gram air distribution system

    Correct and uniform temperature throughout

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