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  • HFC-free products since 2002

    Gram Commercial was quick to begin using propane refrigerant in its refrigerators and freezers for professional kitchens.

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  • 3 year parts warranty

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  • EU energy labelling from 1st July 2016

    EU requirements on ECO-design came into effect on 1 July 2016. They ensure high levels of transparency and give a great boost to energy-efficient refrigerators and freezers for professional kitchens.

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  • Interview with CEO Ole Brandorff-Lund

    Development and production in Denmark also in the future

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Gram - Qualified for Energy Technology List

Gram - Qualified for Energy Technology List

Product energy classification

Managed by the Carbon Trust, the Energy Technology List (ETL) provides operators looking to purchase commercial refrigeration with valuable information. The ETL details products that have been deemed environmentally sound by the Carbon Trust, an independent Government organisation set up to help reduce UK carbon emissions.

There are 14 categories in the refrigeration section of the ETL including Commercial Service Cabinets. Gram tops the energy efficiency chart in this category with more than 30 products listed. The Commercial Service Cabinets category is broken down into fridges, freezers and cabinet size.

Use link below to find Gram and other Commercial Service Cabinets on the Energy Technology Product List.

ETL list

  • SUPERIOR and ECO brochure

    Read more about SUPERIOR Plus and ECO Plus.

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    Pedal door opener with innovative benefits.

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  • Drawer sets also for freezers counters in the GASTRO 07 series

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