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  • ECO FRIENDLY – and the idea behind it


    With the ECO FRIENDLY logo, we want to emphasise the environmental benefits of Gram products.

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  • Energy efficiency

    Energy efficiency and positive environmental properties are two of our core values

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  • By Anders Sjøgaard, Sales and Marketing Director at Gram Commercial A/S

    Energy waste in commercial kitchens

    Buyers hold the key to stopping energy waste in commercial kitchens in Denmark (discussion paper)

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Energy classes in the EU energy labelling scheme as of 1 Juli 2016

Energy classes in the EU energy labelling scheme as of 1 Juli 2016

EU energy labelling from 1st July 2016

Ecodesign is a joint European energy labelling scheme for professional refrigerators and freezers. It is based on EU ECO-design requirements, a set of minimum demands which, in practice, will mean that the products which consume the most energy cannot be sold within the EU from 1 July 2016.

The requirements on ECO-design, i.e. environmentally friendly design, will apply to manufacturers and importers who market energy consuming products within the EU.

The labelling scheme is mandatory, and consists of the well-known letter-based rating from A to G, where A is the most energy saving products. To further improve energy efficiency the energy thresholds will be tightened at yearly intervals. This means that class A+++ will be introduced on 1 July 2019.

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  • FAQ about energy efficiency and cost effectiveness

    Three comments we often hear and the response we give to them.

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  • Gram air distribution system

    Correct and uniform temperature throughout

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