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  • Gram Commercials tidslinje

    Past and present

    Major events in Gram Commercial's history, from the company's establishment in 1901 to the present day.

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  • 1901: Gram founded
    1901 - Gram founded

    Gram is founded on 5 May 1901

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  • 1907: Aage G. Gram joins the firm
    1907: Aage G. Gram joins the firm

    Hans Gram Maskinfabrik becomes Brødrene Gram Maskinfabrik

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  • 1908: Development of refrigeration equipment begins
    1908: Refrigeration

    Refrigeration equipment for dairies and the food industry

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  • 1920: Refrigerator factory established
    1920: Refrigerator Factory

    The post-war years give rise to reorganisation

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  • 1934: Gram builds its first ice cream freezer
    1934: Ice cream freezer

    The first ice cream freezer in Denmark.

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  • 1950s and 60s: BF-30
    1950s and 60s: BF-30

    BF-30 – it all began with fridges and freezers for bakeries

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  • 1957: Gram continues after Aage Gram's death
    1957: After Aage Gram

    The children lead the company onwards

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  • 1960: Mass production
    1960: Mass production

    Mass production of refrigerators and freezers

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  • 1960-1981: Subsidiaries are established
    1960-1981: Subsidiaries

    Subsidiaries are established in Europe and the USA

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  • 1970s: First generation
    1970s: Generation 1

    K and FS 730 – the first generation of fridges and freezers for the catering

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  • 1970s: Assembly line
    1970s: Assembly line

    Assembly line for stainless steel refrigerators and freezers

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  • 1970s: Kitchen sector
    1970s: Kitchen sector

    Professional kitchen equipped with 730-litre refrigerators and freezers

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  • 1970s: The hospital sector
    1970s: The hospital sector

    730-litre refrigerators and freezers

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  • 1980s: Second generation
    1980s: Generation 2

    Gastronorm 80 and Maxi 80 – second generation cabinets with gastronorm

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  • 1980s: Assembly line
    1980s: Assembly line

    Assembly line for stainless steel refrigerators and freezers

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  • 1980s: Gram in the professional kitchen
    1980s: Professional kitchen

    Growing demand for commercial refrigerators and freezers in

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  • 1980s: Gram in the bakery
    1980s: The bakery

    Bakery refrigerators and freezers – a demanding task requiring

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  • 1990s: Third generation
    1990s: Generation 3

    Gastro-Line – the series with the sloping top panel

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  • 1999-2001: Turbulent times and 100th anniversary
    1999-2001: Turbulent times

    Gram Commercial A/S is formed and Gram's 100th anniversary

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  • 2000-2005: Fourth generation
    2000-2005: Generation 4

    New production lines and new, energy-efficient products

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  • 2006: Gram enters the bio-medical market
    2006: Bio-medical market

    Fridges and freezers for the bio-medical sector are marketed under the BioLine brand

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  • 2006: Compact to Vojens
    2006: Compact to Vojens

    The Compact production line is returned to the factory in Vojens

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  • 2008: Hoshizaki acquires Gram Commercial A/S
    2008: Hoshizaki

    Gram Commercial A/S is acquired by Hoshizaki Electric Co. Ltd. of Japan

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  • 2008: Compact 610: a new cabinet type
    2008: Compact 610

    Compact 610 - a hybrid between stainless steel cabinets and cabinets

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  • 1974-2011: Finn A. Jensen
    2011-1974: Finn A. Jensen

    Current board chairman Finn A. Jensen during his time at Gram

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  • 2012: 10 years HFC-free
    2012: 10 years HFC-free

    Full range of HFC-free refrigerators and freezers since 2002

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  • 2012: Compact 310: a new model
    2012: Compact 310

    Compact 310 is perfect where other cabinets are either too small or too big

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  • 2016: Generation 5
    2016: Generation 5

    Complete range of SUPERIOR and ECO refrigerators and freezers, single door models

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Gram is founded on 5 May 1901

Gram is founded on 5 May 1901

Gram is founded on 5 May 1901

Gram is founded on 5 May 1901 when Hans Gram builds an engineering works close to where the present factory now lies. The works, known as Hans Gram Maskinfabrik, has a floor area of 115 m2, which also includes Hans Gram's private home. Although it is a modest beginning, the business enjoys a favourable location close to Vojens station on the new railway line from Padborg to the then Danish-German border at Farris/Vamdrup, a location almost at the very centre of the region.

Specialised refrigeration firm
Initially, the firm functions mostly as a service and fitting business for dairies in Southern Jutland, while also trading in dairy supplies. Gradually, the firm begins to manufacture its own machines for use in dairies, including among other things refrigeration equipment. The company also enters the German market for dairy scales.

Over the years, the firm expands its operations to other industrial sectors as awareness of the benefits of mechanical refrigeration gradually spreads. Gram is thus gradually transformed from a dairy equipment manufacturer into a specialised refrigeration firm.

  • ECO FRIENDLY – and the facts behind it

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  • Around 30,000 Gram products built annually at our factory in Vojens, Denmark

    Made in Denmark

    Around 30,000 Gram products built annually at our factory in Vojens, Denmark

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