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Gram KPS Blast chillers and freezers

Gram KPS Blast chillers and freezers

The KPS range

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The KPS cabinets from Gram Commercial have been designed to meet all the legal chilling time requirements of any cook-chill operation. The capacities of the blast chillers range from 20 - 180 kg, blast freezers from 12 to 180 kg.

Blast chilling
Gram blast chillers bring food items through this high risk temperature range as fast as possible. The core temperature will reach +3°C in 90 minutes, helping to preserve natural vitamins and maintain the appearance and taste of the food. Check out temperatures curve below.

Shock freezing
If the food item is to be stored for a longer period of time it must be shock frozen to a minimum of -18°C. Using commercial blast freezers a core temperature of -18°C is reached within the HACCP requirements of 4 hours. Check out temperatures curve below.

The IFR control system
The controls contain a patented system called IFR; "Intelligent Food Recognition". The user only has to insert the multipoint probe correctly into the food item and press the blast chilling cycle button to start the process.

IFR works as a control function that automatically adapts the cycle to the food item's characteristics. The probe will then monitor critical temperatures in 3 places; the core, beneath the surface and the air temperature on and around the surface of the food.This prevents surface freezing damage. IFR is used to blast-chill solid foods where the probe can be inserted into the product. The function is usable only when blast chilling, not blast freezing.

User friendly and food safe:
Choose either the IFR operation, time or temperature controlled chill cycle.
• Prevent surface freezing damage with the IFR function.
• HACCP alarms. If a power failure occurs or when a temperature limit is exceeded this will activate an audio-visual alarm.
• The data from all chill cycles can be printed (thermo printer is optional).
• Up to 20 customised cycles can be stored.
• Operates as a storage cabinet after the chilling process has finished.