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  • John Campbell, Proprietor & Chef of The Woodspeen talks about the importance of Sustainability

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  • In this video, leading industry leaders consider the real cost of investment, what to do when budget isn't available.

    Elior's Food Development Director, Peter Joyner, comments on how contract caterers are taking more responsibility for the equipment being used, Meanwhile, Steve Munkley, Executive Head Chef at the Royal Garden Hotel, strongly believes that education is key for establishments, Chef Simon Rogan agrees that the ethos of the company is important. Mark Linehan, Managing Director of the Sustainable Restaurant Association, also raises the point that all businesses need to have a plan.

  • Neel Radia, National Chair of the National Association of Care Catering (NACC), refers to the small immediate changes that can make a bigger impact at a later date

    Steve Munkley, Executive Head Chef at the Royal Garden Hotel, provides insight into working with suppliers to achieve green goals. Peter Joyner, Food Development Director at Elior, believes that there is still more to be done though with regards to energy efficiency and training people, and Chef Simon Rogan tells us that, at the end of the day, it's important that operators make the time to be greener.


    The 2016 Green Paper is here!

    The Green Paper is a detailed analysis and report into sustainability and green issues within the UK foodservice industry.

    Back in 2008, Gram commissioned the very first of the biennial Green Papers. From the very beginning, The Green Paper became a reference tool for discussions on the actions and attitudes towards sustainability in the UK foodservice industry. Available NOW the 2016 edition.

    Download your copy here

    Deciphering the EU Ecodesign Directive

    The launch of the EU Ecodesign Directive means that there are significant changes ahead for heavy equipment manufacturers and distributors. 

    EU energy labelling on the way

    EU energy labelling from 1st July 2016

    In practice this will mean that all products which consume energy above the minimum level will not be able to be sold within the EU from 1 July 2016.

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    Go Green with Gram

    Gram Commercial's objective is to be, at all times, the preferred and leading brand within energy-saving, environmentally friendly refrigerator and freezer products. This is part of our expressed corporate mission.

    Read more about Gram Commercial's objectives
    Gram Commercial's factory in Vojens,  heated by solar energy

    Heated by solar energy

    Gram Commercial's factory in Vojens is heated by solar energy from the local power station

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    • FAQ about energy efficiency and cost effectiveness

      Three comments we often hear and the response we give to them.

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    • Energy efficiency and positive environmental properties

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