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  • EU energy labelling from 1st July 2016

    In practice this will mean that all products which consume energy above the minimum level will not be able to be sold within the EU from 1 July 2016.

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  • HFC-free products since 2002

    Gram Commercial was quick to begin using propane refrigerant in its refrigerators and freezers for professional kitchens.

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  • Interview with CEO Ole Brandorff-Lund

    Development and production in Denmark also in the future

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EU energy labelling from 1st July 2016

EU energy labelling from 1st July 2016

EU energy labelling from 1st July 2016

A joint European energy labelling scheme for professional refrigerators and freezers is on the way. It is based on EU ECO-design requirements, a set of minimum demands which, in practice, will mean that the products which consume the most energy cannot be sold within the EU from 1 July 2016.

The requirements on ECO-design, i.e. environmentally friendly design, will apply to manufacturers and importers who market energy consuming products within the EU.

The labelling scheme will be mandatory, and will consist of the well-known letter-based rating from A to G, where A is the most energy saving products. The requirements will be tightened at intervals, meaning that class A+++ will be introduced on 1 July 2019.

All our SUPERIOR and ECO refrigerators in the series Plus, Twin, Euro and Midi will meet the the requirements of energy class A. Display cabinets are exemted from the present directive.

In Denmark, the Danish Energy Agency will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the new energy labelling scheme. To do so, the Agency will perform shop inspections and appliance testing to determine whether the marking is correct.

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  • Download our brochure about SUPERIOR Plus and ECO Plus.

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