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Deciphering the EU Ecodesign Directive

The launch of the EU Ecodesign Directive means that there are significant changes ahead for heavy equipment manufacturers and distributors. These changes should however be largely positive for operators as the objective of the EU Ecodesign Directive is to help the foodservice industry reduce energy consumption by ensuring manufacturers are challenged to bring to market ever more energy efficient products.

The launch of the new EU Ecodesign Directive brings with it a huge range of benefits, but with those comes increased pressure for transparency across the industry when it comes to the energy efficient credentials of heavy kitchen equipment.

As the industry closely scrutinises the energy efficient performance level of refrigeration, manufacturers have to not only improve the credentials of their products, but also be completely open with how their units rate within the new labelling system. Having comprehensively tested its versatile range of refrigeration products against the new Minimum Performance Standards (MEPs), Hoshizaki Gram UK is confident that it has brought to market the most energy efficient technology possible meeting a range of space and budget requirements.

Hoshizaki Gram UK has always been in the vanguard of energy ecient technology and as such is perfectly placed to embrace the new EU Ecodesign Directive. The brand is proud to announce that seven models within its current portfolio including the SuperiorPlus 72 and EcoPlus are rated as an A on the new labeling system making it one the most competitive yet sustainable manufacturers on the market.

The SuperiorPlus 72 is 44 percent more energy efficient than its ‘best in class’ Plus 600 (Generation 4) predecessor. Energy use, and therefore running costs have decreased massively from 509kWh year to 285kWh*. Based on a rate of 10 pence kWh*, the average operator can expect to spend only £28.50 per year on the running costs for the SUPERIORPLUS 72.

Aiming to make the implementation of the EU Ecodesign Directive as smooth and easy to understand for buyers and distributors, our website has clearly labeled all of its products. It is also hosted a bespoke webinar to help the industry get to grips with the new labeling system, and aims to overcome its complexity and simplify the process.

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