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Child Care & Schools - Introduction

Child care and schools are examples in the education and social sectors which need refrigerated storage of food. While capacity requirements are naturally dependent on the number of children attending, they also depend on the type of food service provided. In many cases, it will simply be a question of storing packed lunches, fruit, vegetables and drinks. Or storing ready-made meals supplied by outside caterers if a meals service is provided. In such circumstances, refrigerators and freezers with glass doors are often a popular solution as it makes it easier for teachers and children to find what they are looking for. Only seldom are meals made on a daily basis from scratch.

However some schools, colleges, universities and residential care centres, on the other hand, often have kitchens with full-time staff who prepare hot and cold meals. As the need for refrigerators and freezers in such kitchens is comparable to that of restaurants and canteens, more information is available under that category.

Basic considerations when purchasing new products and/or renovating existing refrigeration appliances