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Catering & Central Kitchens - Introduction

Commercial kitchens offering catering services require different equipment to "ordinary" restaurant kitchens. Food is prepared in large quantities at once, and meals are often planned and made for several days at a time.

This is especially true of central kitchens, also known as production kitchens. Such kitchens generally prepare a large number of portions, which are either kept hot for serving or delivery immediately after preparation or are chilled or frozen according to HACCP guidelines for subsequent serving.
In such cases, maintaining an unbroken refrigerated chain is of the utmost importance.

Refrigerators and freezer solutions are available from Gram for this type of commercial kitchen and we have considerable experience in renovating and extending existing refrigeration and freezing equipment.

The Danish Society of Engineer’s canteen. See project video

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Basic considerations when purchasing new products and/or renovating existing refrigeration appliances