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Built-in or remote refrigeration unit

The main argument for choosing appliances connected to an external refrigeration unit is that noise and heat emission is minimised. Energy optimised refrigerators and freezers are, however, almost silent and emit very little heat. This is because the compressor of energy efficient appliances are controlled by demand and therefore only run when the temperature reaches a pre-set upper limit. In other words, compressor operating time is minimised.

Gram low-energy refrigerators and freezers emit approximately 46 dB(A), some a little less, others a little more. The heat emitted from a Gram low-energy 600-litre refrigerator corresponds to that emitted from a single 35 W fluorescent tube.

This also means that the natural choice is a built-in compressor, while the remote solution need only be used in situations where there are extremely low limits for acceptable noise and heat emission.

Where existing appliances connected to a remote refrigeration unit are to be replaced, it will also be most appropriate to connect the new products to the remote unit. Gram Commercial is always pleased to help renovate remote refrigeration units.